About Us

Phalombe Youth Arms Organisation
  Bringing Hope! Changing Lives!

Our Objectives
- Promotion of Human Rights: to advocate for and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals within a given community or society. 
- Poverty Alleviation: to implement programs and initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and improving the socio-economic conditions of marginalized populations. 
- Environmental Conservation: to raise awareness about environmental issues, advocate for sustainable practices, and work towards the conservation of natural resources. 
- Gender Equality: to promote gender equality and empower women, girls and youth through education, advocacy, and initiatives that address gender-based discrimination. 
- Healthcare Access: to improve delivery and access to healthcare services, and raise awareness about health issues 
- Education for All: to advocate for and facilitate access to quality education for all, irrespective of socio-economic background. 
- Good Governance: to promote transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in governance processes, and to combat corruption. 
- Social Justice: to work towards a more just and equitable society by addressing issues related to discrimination, inequality, and social exclusion. 
- Community Development: to foster sustainable development within communities by addressing infrastructure needs, economic opportunities, and social well-being.
Approach - At our PYAO, our philosophy includes the following:
a. Equality Youth work challenges oppression and inequality. Equality is at the core of our work with youth; it means understanding that youth are not a homogenous group but rather all sorts of people within an age category with diverse backgrounds and needs. Promoting equality means promoting acceptance of the differences in young people that spring from race, sexual identity, gender, disability, age, social behaviour, HIV status, or other characteristics 
b. Education At PYAO, we believe that activities, projects, initiatives and personnel that work with young people should be geared at enabling the young people to gain the skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values required to identify, advocate for, and purse their rights and responsibilities – both as individuals and as members of communities, at local and national levels. 
c. Participation Participation is essential role of citizens in a democracy-not only their right but their duty. Participation may take many forms: standing for election, voting, debating issues, attending community meetings, being members of voluntary organizations, paying taxes, or even protesting. PYAO`s work, founded on this principle, challenges youth to share responsibilities and to become equal partners in the learning processes and decision-making structures that affect their own and other people`s lives. 
d. Empowerment Youth workers should encourage and enable young people to understand their rights and responsibilities so that they are able to act on personal, social, economic, political, and technological issues which affect their lives and the lives of others, as responsible citizens of their communities
Where we Work
Phalombe, Mulanje, Chiradzulu, Zomba and Mwanza.
What We Do
At PYAO, we recognize that the problems facing Malawian youth today are complex. That’s why our organization takes multi-objective approach to supporting youth and community development to achieve our mission
1. Human Rights and Social Justice
- Promotion and protection of human rights
- Advocacy for social justice and equality 
- Combating discrimination and injustice
2. Governance and Democracy
- Promotion of good governance 
- Advocacy for democratic processes and institutions 
- Anti-corruption initiatives
3. Environmental Sustainability
- Conservation and protection of the environment 
- Climate change mitigation and adaptation - Sustainable development practices
4. Health and Well-being
- Healthcare access and advocacy 
- Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights 
- Mental health support
5. Education
- Access to quality education 
- Advocacy for educational reform 
- Support for marginalized and vulnerable populations
6. Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development
- Economic empowerment initiatives 
- Microfinance and entrepreneurship support - Livelihood and Poverty reduction programs

7. Gender Equality

Today is the day to reach out and lend a helping hand

- Promotion of gender equity and women's and youth`s rights 

- Combating gender-based violence 

- Trafficking in Persons (Human trafficking)