Comprehensive Community Scorecard Process (CCSP)

This is a Community Based Monitoring tool that is a hybrid of techniques-Social Audit, citizen report card etc. It also uses to Exact Social and Public Accountability and Responsiveness from Service Providers and it includes an Interface Meeting with Community that allows for immediate feedback

CCSP also uses Community as its Unit of Analysis. It focuses on Monitoring local, community or facility Level. Most of the scorecards facilitated were or user Perceptions on Quality, Efficiency and Transparency, and used for Tracking of Inputs or Expenditures i.e. Comparison of Performance across Facilities/Districts

PYAO generates Data through focus group discussions. PYAO has conducted a lot of scorecards with support from among others MEJN, Action Aid, Tilitonse Fund, NDI Malawi, OXFAM, REFORD among others since 2016. Over 471 young people and community leaders and members have been trained and empowered to use this tool.