At PYAO, we recognize that the problems facing Malawian youth today are complex. That’s why our organization takes multi-objective approach to supporting youth and community development to achieve our mission We work with youth in the following areas: 1. Education PYAO works toward a world where quality education is accessible for all Pupils participation in SIP/SIG Assessment 2. Environment and Climate Change Environmental conservation and climate change are serious challenges for Phalombe district and Malawi as a whole. Though environmental conservation and climate change are not often afforded much attention in the face of other development issues in Malawi, they are serious challenges for the largely agrarian country. 3. Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and HIV/AIDS One of PYAO`s main objectives is to reduce the transmission and the impact of HIV/AIDS, which includes addressing issues like gender inequality, poverty, and income insecurity 4. Human Rights and Governance PYAO works to promote human rights and foster democratic ideals among youth and the general population - Meaningful citizen participation in decision making, budget and policy processes - Meaningful civil society and media engagement with the government in matters of policy and legislation One of the Scorecard / Public Expenditure Tracking Interface Meeting 5. Livelihood Security Sustainable, adequate access to resources to meet basic needs. This include, nutritional and food, security, economic security, educational, community participation, habitat, health among others 6. Water Sanitation and Hygiene By improving communities’ access to water and sanitation, PYAO contributes to health of people and the environment 7. Child, youth and women empowerment - Ensuring all vulnerable children, youths and women realise their full potential
Phalombe Youth Arms 2020